Erect-A-Tube’s pre-engineered Endwall Door System is designed to replace the builder’s end frame. Each system is custom fabricated from building manufacturer’s engineering data. Doors are strongly supported for smooth, trouble-free operation and proper fit. The Endwall System is a sure, fast, easy and low cost way to finish a customer pleasing hangar. Complete Endwall system includes primary framing, with Erect-A-Tube Bi-Fold Door. Erect-A-Tube’s Endwall is fabricated with pre-welded clips for easy erection thus reducing field welding. All you supply is the sheeting package for the Endwall. 

Accommodates door sizes up to 80′ x 20′

Erect-A-Tube, Inc. supplies:

  • Complete end wall frame
  • Electric bi-fold door
  • All end wall girts
  • Wind struts

Builder supplies:

  • End wall sheeting
  • Door sheeting and fasteners
  • Door trim