Erect-A-Tube’s Rectangular Hangars are built to meet certain aircraft size requirements in both individual and consecutive models. For example, the RG33-42 is designed for single engine/ light twin aircraft whereas the RG41-45 houses intermediate cabin class twins. The RG62-65 is designed to accommodate the Beechcraft King Air 200, small corporate turbine and business jets.

Sometimes airport site restrictions dictate the need for a multiple unit hangar with only one side for access. The uniqueness of the Erect-A-Tube Rectangular Hangars allows for these units to be connected creating a consecutive row of hangars with just a partition wall separating the units, drive through capabilities or in combination.

In addition to a single row of Rectangular hangars, Erect-A-Tube also offers Back-to-Back Rectangular hangars. It is a cost effective solution for airports to meet the demands of aircraft owners who want more storage area and have the capability accessing the hangar from both sides.

  • One side access
  • Two side access
  • Drive through
  • Flexible combination designs
Overall Length “B”…….Individual Dimension
Model Number Width “A” Unit1 Unit2 Unit3 Unit4 Unit5 Clear Door Depth
RG33-42 33’0″ 42’0″ 84’0″ 126’0″ 168’0″ 210’0″ 41’6″x12′ 33’0″
RG41-45 41’0″ 45’0″ 90’0″ 135’0″ 180’0″ 225’0″ 44’6″x14′ 41’0″
RG41-48 41’0″ 48’0″ 96’0″ 144’0″ 192’0″ 240’0″ 47’6″x14′ 41’0″
RG52-56 52’0″ 56’0″ 112’0″ 168’0″ 224’0″ 280’0″ 55’6″x16′ 52’0″
RG62-56 62’0″ 56’0″ 112’0″ 168’0″ 224’0″ 280’0″ 55’6″x18′ 62’0″
RG62-65 62’0″ 65’0″ 130’0″ 195’0″ 260’0″ 325’0″ 64’6″x18′ 62’0″


  1. Dimensions above are Center Line to Center Line of columns
  2. Add 1’1” to center line dimensions for out-to-out concrete
  3. Manual Rolling Doors available for all models, in lieu of Erect-A-Tube, Inc. electric bi-fold doors